Michael Stephen Levinson
is the independent poet prophet candidate 4 president
for years from TV networks' news,
daily papers, too.
Lev's your world peace guy. The guy with
words for all mankind.

Slip off your shoes. See
non-partisan solutions:

Lev universal
single payer health care
w/out government;

Lev Gulf Oil for Peace plan 2010;

Lev-David ICBM killer Fly-Trap
to cap Kim's missiles in mid-air-flight
without setting off atomic warheads!

Iran's and Russia's ballistics are included.

Uncle Sam Shazam Lev card
doubles the American people's credit worth !

Lev is this world's poet prophet.
He brings to Internet
his peace plan for all mankind
besides universal world health care
and more;

His Inspired Television Scripture
for worldwide airing.

Readers here get their socks rocked off.


Click on cover. Screen blinks. See chapter headings. Enjoy 7 chapters.

Click on Lev YouTube movie.
Hear and see your poet prophet retell our creation.
Adman and Even Bac in Edum Gar Den.

Universal Health Care
Michael Stephen Levinson
Plan for World Peace
beginning with a peaceful knight:

Lev is the poet prophet
inspired in the ocean wilderness
40 days and 40 nights

given living prophesy frum
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,
Television Scripture
for all man kind.

Lev peace plan is Lev
the knight on worldwide
his hand lettered poem of
world events foretold in advance
for all in the world at once,

the prophetic event
Lev Television Scripture
performed from
as old blind Homer
dusk until dawn
every lyric line
mull-tie-ling-well rhyme.

world orders
and word hors d'oeuvres.
Whirled Wide Television
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,

all channels all peoples.

Imagine World Peace
finally enveloping our
good ship Mother Earth
your world renewed
a peaceful videoed
all channels
whirled wide TV night,
upon the
rosy petals of dawn

a twelve our video trans crypt,
refreshed every year.

The pox on yer lips is
Apocalypse sizz
Judgement Day Rehearsal!

Television Scripture,
the prophetic new word order for
world renewal is here!

Click on Ali Lev poster.
93 hand-lettered double column pages
download to your desktop.

poet prophet seeks
the nominations for
president of

our political parties

to present a united face to the world!

Lev World Peace Plan is on the table:
All the countries and peoples agree
to participate in the same dusk until dawn TV thriller.
Will he make peace? Poet prophet Lev delivers.

Vote for LEV!
Lev was given words for World Peace;

words given to hymn in the ocean
wilderness, shall be spoken
worldwide for all the world's peoples together.

Whirled Pizza. Every buddy gets a slice. Worldwide.

28.5 knock yer socks off seconds of
raw poet prophet 2014

In the land of the blind
poet prophet is the one-eye king of ling.

world peacekeeper
built these pages!
Lev was given
words for all man kind
whirled wide television
Living Torah frum G-d
for all of our channels
dusk until dawn!
Living Torah frum G-d
to be delivered on TV worldwide
this time around
all in the world are
All the world's toes to go rah ha rah.

Michael Stephen Levinson
U.S. President

Poet prophet is the anti-Trump!